What are Corns and Hammertoes?
By Avon Podiatry Associates
January 04, 2017
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These foot problems are more common than you might think.

Find out more about them and what you can do to prevent them.

No one thinks that foot problems can happen to them and unfortunately most people don’t even know they have any issues until it’s too corns and hammertoeslate. A hammertoe is a malformation that causes the joint of a toe to stiffen and bend downward. You will recognize a hammertoe because they often look claw-like. From the office of our Avon, CT, podiatrist, Dr. Richard Grayson, learn more about corns and hammertoes and how to treat them.

A corn is the thick buildup of skin that appears on the side or top of a toe. They are usually caused by friction from shoes that are too tight or from rubbing up against another toe. Corns can be unsightly and, as you may already imagine, rather painful. But a corn is letting you know that there may be a bigger foot problem at hand. It may just be warning you that you have a hammertoe.

A hammertoe is often the result of a muscle imbalance. Heredity is usually to blame for this issue. Therefore, if other family members suffer from a hammertoe you are more likely to develop one, too. A hammertoe may affect one joint or both joints of a toe, causing it to bend downward.

How do I treat a corn and hammertoe?

Many patients respond well to conservative treatment options. When you come in for an evaluation, our Avon foot doctor will be able to provide you with some ways to manage your symptoms and prevent the problem from getting worse. Common treatments include:

  • Wider, properly fitted shoes
  • Shaving down the corn (known as debridement)
  • Non-medicated pads to protect the corn from friction
  • Over-the-counter and/or prescription pain relievers

If these treatment options don’t provide you with the relief you need, then we will discuss whether surgery is necessary.

Are your symptoms indicative of a hammertoe? If so, then it’s a good idea to get the medical attention your feet need to prevent the issue from getting worse. Call Avon Podiatry Associates in Avon, CT, today.


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