How to Deal with Bunions
By Avon Podiatry Associates
February 24, 2017
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Don’t let bunion pain ruin your favorite activities. Combat your symptoms now!bunions

For those whose bunions give them regular pain and discomfort, this post is for you! If you are sick and tired of catering to your bunion or changing up your routine to prevent it from rearing its ugly head, then it’s time you sought the advice of our Avon, CT, podiatrist Dr. Richard Grayson.

While surgery is the only way to actually correct a bunion, it isn’t always the best course of action for most. In fact, there are many non-invasive and more conservative methods for managing symptoms. The overall goals of bunion treatment are to alleviate pain and pressure, as well as to prevent the bunion from getting worse.

Common treatment options to consider include,

  • Icing the sore, achy joint several times a day for 15-20 minutes at a time
  • Using warm foot soaks if ice doesn’t seem to ease symptoms
  • Changing the types of shoes you wear. Only wear shoes with a wide toe box that won’t put pressure on the bunion.
  • Wearing a splint at night to help realign the joint and toe (to reduce morning pain and stiffness)
  • Talking to our Avon, CT, foot doctor about whether getting custom orthotics will provide the stabilization and comfort your joint needs to improve walking and standing

Try these treatments first and see if they provide you with the relief you need. If you find that pain continues to persist or gets worse, despite months of trying to manage your symptoms, then it’s time to come in for a consultation. During this consultation, we can determine the severity of your misalignment and help create a treatment plan that will better control your pain and inflammation. Bunion surgery (also known as a bunionectomy) will be considered if bunion pain is severe or lasts for well over a year without relief.

If bunion pain has gotten the better of you and you are ready to find out how a medical professional can help, then why not turn to the experts at Avon Podiatry Associates in Avon, CT? We are ready to help you get your bunion pain under control once and for all.


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